Under high load + CVS source

Posted on Wed 11 December 2002

Not much active on Cocoon these days : I'm under high load. Several ongoing projects, all being late...

But the interesting news (exclusive for my blog readers!), is that I wrote a CVS source for Cocoon for one of these projects. It's a writeable source, meaning that you can read from and write to a CVS server just as with regular files.

This source doesn't require a local repository, as all operations are performed "live" on the CVS server.

Coming in Cocoon's code base soon ? For me the answer is yes, but some of my colleagues say "let's keep it and sell it".

Some work on the way to convice them opensourcing is good... I'm sure some of you can give me some good arguments (not the usual "please, please I need it").

Note: I also considered writing a provider for VFS, but the API is more complicated than Cocoon's source, and I needed it in Cocoon quickly. Some refactoring could allow front-ends for both enviroments. Added to my kilometer-long todo list :-/


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