6*6'th birthday

Posted on Sun 19 January 2003

Today is my 36th birthday. Last square number was 25 (wow, I was young at that time), and next one will be 49 (wow, I'll be old at that time).

Time goes on, and seems to speed up each year. My theory about this is that the fraction of our life that a year represents is smaller each year, hence this impression of acceleration. Other acceleration factors are children (they fill empty moments) and Apache (which fills the remaining empty moments) !

My gift should have been an Ixus V3 (aka Powershot S230) digital camera : a small digital jewel. But Canon is currently out of stock :-( If I can't have one in the coming weeks, I may change for a Powershot S45, although bigger.

CVS source available

cocoon.apache.org lives !