Avalon committer !

Posted on Wed 29 January 2003

Today, Carsten proposed me as an Avalon committer. Some of the votes were accompanied by compliments. This was really pleasant and ego-flattering ;-)

I'm honoured to be part of the Avalon project. Even if it has gone through major difficulties recently (and they're not totally over), I consider Avalon to gather some of the most talented software architects I've seen. I hope I'll be up to Avalon's high standards !

My motivation in Avalon is of course related to all those nice components that are used in Cocoon, but also the lower-level plumbing of component containers. I recently started to work on OSGi as part of my work on embedding Cocoon in small devices.

After Cocoon, this is my second Apache feather. Feels good to be part of this community. It allowed me to know very smart and nice people all around the world, and I have the feeling to have learned more in 2 years of Apache commitment than the 10 preceding years.

Thanks to you all !

cocoon.apache.org lives !

Are we three-eyed ?