Posted on Tue 04 March 2003

Frustrated, that's what I am currently.

Frustrated about not being able to participate in Cocoon development when so much is going on so fast there. And I'm starting to post some rants, which is clearly not my habit and reveals this frustration.

It has been months since I've not commited something significant. Furthermore, I've been nominated as an Avalon committer more than one month ago and didn't had the time to make a single commit there.

Also, managing the urge often leads companies to fold down like a hedgehog when my opinion is that opening the eyes on what's going on outside (e.g Cocoon's flow and XMLForm or OJB and Hibernate) may be a solution to reduce the urge. And this is what's happening here.

Is there a french translation of Cluetrain (not only the manifesto) that I can give to my boss for him to read ?

I'm frustrated.

Hopefully this won't last.

New office ?

Monkeys ?