Cocoon seeking for a chairman

Posted on Tue 08 April 2003
Yesterday, Stefano resigned from being the Cocoon PMC chairman. Wow, strange times when the creator no more wants to drive his baby. Anyway, he explained his reasons, and we can understand them : Stefano wants to keep his freedom to be the one that touches where it hurts, for the greatest benefit of the project.

So what's next ? Choosing a new PMC chair, of course. Steven quickly proposed himself, and I think he's the right person.

Then, Nicola and Torsten proposed Carsten... and me ! Wow, I'm honoured. But the chairman job is no fun to me, and I politely declined, expressing how good I think Steven would be for this job. We're still awaiting Carsten's anwer ( he's out of office), and Vadim proposed Matthew.

When Stefano proposed himself as the first Cocoon PMC chairman, there was a sincere unanimity behind him. Now that he decided to leave the chair, the choice is more than open.

Interesting times are coming...

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