The nightingale is back

Posted on Sat 03 May 2003 Translations: en
For 4 years now, at the end of April, a nightingale comes back in the group of trees (a 500 m 2 forest) near my house after having spent the winter in Africa.

Nightingales are small birds that sing like no others : nice, loud and sophisticated songs. But the problem is that they sing the whole night long until youngs are hatched out. And that one lives in front of my bedroom's window :-(

Although " Rossignol", the french name of this bird, has no particular immediate meaning, the english name perfectly reflects this bird's bad habits : explains that " gale" means "to sing". So " nightingale" literally means " sings at night". How well chosen... unfortunately.

I'm now entering a period where I must sleep with ear plugs. First because falling asleep while the bird sings is difficult, and second because, even if you sleep, the noise lowers the sleep quality and you end up tired without knowing why. I also tried to find it and chase it away and, although I deeply dislike weapons and hunting, I even tried to shoot it with an airgun. Waste of time : this bird is as invisible as it's noisy.

Does anybody know how to gently invite this sleep-breaker to go away ? It's past midnight and I hear it singing. Grrrr...

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