Woody's joyful conception

Posted on Mon 04 August 2003
Lastly, the Cocoon developers mailing list has been flooded with long threads about Woody. Marc, Bruno and I are sharing our neurons to give birth (hence "conception" in this entry's title) to what I expect to be the unified form handling package in Cocoon.

Although the discussion is mainly between the 3 of us with some inputs from Carsten, several people mentioned how they were pleased by this discussion.

Even if the number of people actively involved in the discussion is limited, seeing others jump in just to say they're happy is very encouraging: we know we're not alone and that the whole community is silently backing our effort.

Cocoon is a friendly community. This allows people to express their thoughts but also their doubts and feelings in a very open manner, without fearing this to appear as weakness, because they know nobody will try to benefit from these doubts to brutally impose their ideas.

Open discussions, friendlyness and search of consensus. This is what makes this community so enjoyable. And the baby that will come out of this will inherit these humanist values.

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