Broken arms

Posted on Sun 19 October 2003
Corentin with two broken armsYesterday, my oldest kid (Corentin, 12) went to the ice rink with his friends. And what happens when you go skating only a few times a year? You fall on your ass. And you instinctinvely use your arms to avoid hurting your ass. So you hurt the arms. This is what happened yesterday: a fracture on each arm! A compression of the end of the radius, which is not a serious injury, but requires the arms to be put in plaster for 3 weeks. He looks like Robocop!

Fortunately, he can still use his fingers, which means he can still do the little things that make you so dependent when you can't do them by yourself: eating, going to the toilets (hey!), writing (not that easy, though), and using a computer mouse (yes, it's just as important to him as it is to me!). But we need to wash his teeth (plaster doesn't like water), and tomorrow we'll see what other problems occur when going at school.

And you know what? Our other kid (Théophile, 7), also had some minor injuries this week. Another child stepped on his hand on tuesday, causing a small sprain at his thumb. And yesterday, he wanted to see how hot was the cigarette lighter in the car (which we never use), and severely burned the end of his forefinger.

Well well... what's coming next?

Safari on Windows?

DSL at home again!