Eclipse moving to OSGi

Posted on Mon 01 December 2003
The Eclipse IDE is changing its internal runtime. There was an ongoing study named "Equinox" to evaluate different frameworks, including Avalon.

But the choice of the Eclipse team is OSGi, which is a normalized platform for handling Java services. Strange thing is that other candidates seem to have not been studied at all.

We already use OSGi for our embedded software activities, as it's the platform that is used by most of the Java software in the automotive and automation domains.

I'm wondering if this can impact the future of Avalon, because this Eclipse move will make OSGi more popular to a lot of people that barely knew about it before. So we'll have on one end non-intrusive containers like PicoContainer (although rather limited, IMO), and on OSGi on the other end.

Via Markus via Erik.

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