Happy new year!

Posted on Wed 31 December 2003 Translations: en en

2003 is over very soon, and this is the occasion for a quick look behind to the major things that year brought me.

At home, this year saw a major "refactoring" of the garden. Half of it was totally redone, including a swimming pool (regular readers already know this). Kids keeps growing, and feel good with school and friends, which hasn't always been the case.

Between home and work, this year saw the growing of more "real life" relationships with many Cocooners. Orixo was created, Stefano and Marcus visited us this summer and we visited Bertrand. The second Cocoon Get Together was also a great success.

Something I'm also very proud of: in june, I became a member of the Apache Software Fondation.

At work, Cocoon training and consulting became a larger part of my activity. Sharing this knowledge is a pleasant job, even if training sessions consume lots of energy.

The end of the year was also largely devoted to extending Woody, Cocoon's form framework. Cocoon is becoming an insanely great and productive solution to build webapps.

What do I forsee for 2004? Not easy, as things are moving so fast.

Cocoon will continue to mature in many directions: development tools to make it easier to use, content management, web applications. All this with the help of what we call "real blocks", actually pluggable cocoon application snippets.

I recently joined the XMLfr community, which I stupidly ignored for too long. There are lots of smart people there, led by Eric van der Vlist. Some discussions are just starting to build a new version of the web site using Cocoon. This will certainly give a great exposure to Cocoon in France. I'll post more on this soon.

At home, there's still a lot to do in the garden and in the house. Weekend DIY again and again!

All the best for 2004!

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