Posted on Wed 25 February 2004
Written on a Mac Yessssss! The baby has finally arrived: a nice 15" PowerBook (the one with DVD burner and backlit keyboard). Joy! Joy! Joy!

Power on, enter a few information (language, user name, etc) and it works. The first amazing experience is the network connectivity: it's easier to find a Windows PC on the network with an Mac than with a PC!!

Browse around: I already know what's there for having used my father-in-law's bipro-G4.

First impression on the hardware: soooo cool, and soooo nice! But... the trackpad button is too hard (my thumb makes me feel it), and the return and arrow keys are a bit small.

Next, install the minimal set of tools needed to work: JDK is already there (need to download the 1.4.2 upgrade, though), install Eclipse. Wow, it's fast!

Next, download the Cocoon CVS repository. SSH is there, CVS is in the developper tools package ready to be installed on the HD. Looking for a CVS GUI... Having used WinCVS on Windows, I get the Mac version which just sucks!! Then found MacCVSClient which definitely looks better.

"build.sh webapp" in the Cocoon directory... wow, it's a bit faster than on my 2.4 GHz laptop! I guess I/O makes the difference as I have a faster HD (ordered a 5400 rpm) an the PC's HD was fragmented (MacOS is auto-defragmenting while Windows is not).

Have a look a the mail, now. The Mail application looks very nice, with some coold ergonomy features (like highlighting the thread to which the selected message belongs to). Setting up mail filters... ??? The destination of move actions only shows the top-level inbox of my IMAP account, and I cannot select subfolders. Any clue on this, someone? If it's not possible, I'll have to use Thunderbird...

Ok, back to work now. More on my switcher's impressions soon...

Update: MacCVSClient also sucks, as it doesn't create the standard "CVS" folders, making it actually unusable with other CVS-enabled applications. Now trying CVL as suggested by Richard.

Thanks to Brian, I managed to see my mail folders in the filter dialog, but I think I will go for Mozilla (or Thunderbird) which provides finer-grained features at the folder level that I need to manage the large amount of mails I receive.

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