April fool

Posted on Fri 02 April 2004
I was involved in an April fool's joke yesterday on http://www.application-servers.com/, a french Java technology portal managed by Didier Girard.

They first announced to have hired Floyd Marinescu from TSS, and then announced the organization of a conference involved many well-known frenchies, including among others Marc Fleury, Cedric Beust, Vincent Massol, Eric Thauvin, Fran├žois Letellier... and me. I'm honoured to be in the "well-know frenchies"!

The introduction for "my" talk reads " Sylvain is the undisputed Cocoon master. In this session, he'll explain why Sun is integrating Cocoon into J2EE 2.0. In order for Sylvain to accept coming, we promised that nobody would talk about Struts for 30 minutes. So please be nice!"

Nice joke, which certainly required a lot of work!

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