Flowscript fun

Posted on Fri 28 May 2004
Marc shows how Cocoon's Flowscript makes things really easy. I have the same set of utilities, and even went further with dialogs:

var option = sendOptionDialogAndWait(
"Item " + item.name + " already exists. What do you want to do?",
["Overwrite", "Rename", "Discard"]
switch(option) {
case 0:
sendInfoDialog("Old item has been overwritten");
case 1:
case 2:
if (confirm("You will loose your changes. Discard anyway?")) {

If you read this with a Swing GUI in mind, this is no magic. But hey, it's a web application! Flowscript and its continuations allows people to build interactions they would have never thought being possible.

" Untwist your mind, things are easy again": that's what I say during Cocoon trainings!

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