MacOSX "Tiger" new features

Posted on Tue 29 June 2004
I had a quick look at the new fancy features announced for MacOSX 1.4 "Tiger".

Surely looks cool, but many of these "new" features recall me of existing popular sharewares:
Bringing new comfort features to an operating system often means killing nice utilities built by independent developpers. Microsoft doesn't care about this, but I remember a time (I guess it was MacOS 8) where Apple bought a nice shareware called "SuperClock" to include it in the system. From that day on, Macs had a clock in the menu bar. Apple must be careful with its user and developper community but at the same time must compete with Longhorn's eye candy.

Anyway, I'm eagerly waiting the new XCode 2.0 with enhanced Java support and graphical designer.

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