European Foo Camp: sorry, I can't...

Posted on Sat 10 July 2004
I received today an invitation from Tim O'Reilly for the upcoming first European Foo Camp, from 20 to 22th August. This is a gathering of top-level geeks with no defined schedule. The schedule self-defines when people start brainstorming together.

Considering the impressive list of last Foo Camp's participants, this is a big surprise and a real honour for me to be invited. Looks like a fun place for people that love to throw in wild thoughts and build interesting things with them.

Unfortunately, I'll be in another camp at that time, with my family. Rescheduling these vacations is impossible, and going away during the vacations is totally out of question, especially because this is the only week in the year where I have no access to a computer. My wife insists on this, to be sure that I still can live without email, blogs, IM and the Cocoon peeps.

So sorry, I would love to come but won't be able to. Matthew will tell me what happened there. Tim, keep me on the list for next year!

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