Posted on Mon 23 August 2004
I'm back from my yearly offline week. Refreshing times at the ocean.

We met Torsten and went to a restaurant where he tried oysters. "I have to try this once in my life" he said. Done!

During the dinner, my eldest child (13) started speaking with Torsten in english. He's been learning english at school for 3 years, and it was his first "real" conversation. He was quite good both at understanding and making himself understood. Congrats for even daring to speak, my son!

Back to work now: as planned lots of emails that are anxiously waiting for me to read them, and as not planned, lots of work due early this week. Vacations are clearly over!

And welcome back to Bertrand. Must be sooo hard to go back to work after having spent two months on the other side of the planet... And just like him, I asked for a non-burning battery for my PowerBook.

Heading west "professional opensource" and community dynamics