A dead simple solution to blog spam

Posted on Tue 07 September 2004
Looking at my blog's log, I found that comment spam are posted directly to mt-comments.cgi, without first loading any other page. They should be googling something like " inurl:mt-comments.cgi" to search for MovableType-powered blogs.

Considering this, defeating those bastards is dead simple: I just changed the names of the comment form's input fields et voilĂ ! My weblog now kindly rejects spam comments posted directly as it finds no input. And this is totally transparent to normal users.

Update: I posted this because I had no blog spam since I set it up 2 weeks ago. And just today, I received a few of them, which actually parse the comment form. Grrr. Their user-agent starts with "libwww-perl", which isn't a real browser, so I added a simple test to reject comments issued by these agents. Et voilĂ  again!

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