Meeting the ObjectWeb community

Posted on Tue 18 January 2005
I'm at the ObjectWebCon '05 today and tomorrow. This conference takes place in Lyon, which is way closer for me than ApacheCon in Las Vegas!

A lot of interesting sessions are planned, and a lot of interesting people to meet. There will be a BOF on ASF/ObjectWeb relationships this evening, with Brian Behlendorf as a special guest star.

Presentations are held in english, even if most of the attendees are french. It shows how usually bad we are, we french people, at speaking english. Horrible accent, which fortunaltely I have no problem to understand ;-)

I'm sitting beside Erik Bruchez, one of the developpers of the Orbeon Presentation Server, that is often compared to Cocoon. Putting faces and names and high bandwidth friendly discussions on the pros and cons of each one.

As usual, the social aspect is an important point in conferences, and this one has long breaks to give time for discussions.

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