DROA wants my domains

Posted on Thu 24 March 2005
domain_thieves_s.jpg Yesterday I received a paper letter (yes, snail mail!) from Domain Name Registry Of America (DROA) warning me that some of the domains I own will soon expire and should be renewed.

The text is rather clear about the fact that its an offer to switch to a different registrar. But if it's clear to me, will it be clear to non-tech people that have purchased their domain as part of some other hosting offer?

Furthermore, the name "Domain Name Registry Of America" and the US flag (click the picture to enlarge it) suggests that it may be a public service. And since DROA sends its offer 5 months before the expiration, they are pretty much sure to come first before the real registrar notice (2 months in my case).

I won't fall in that trap, especially considering that they ask twice the price as my registrar, but how many will?

Let's go for some Google bombing: domain thieves!

PS: you may wonder about the cocoon-fr.org domain name. I bought it to eventually setup a french-speaking community site, but it was finally decided to host it at Apache, which is better!

I notified my registrar of this letter, pointing to my blog, and here's what they answered 3 minutes later (english translation below):

Vous avez reçu un rappel de renouvellement de la part de Domain Registry of America: **ne tenez pas compte de ce courrier**.

Nous n'avons *AUCUN* lien avec cette société. Votre domaine ne peut pas être enregistré aupr`s de leurs services, ce n'est pas un registrar accrédité par l'ICANN (liste officielle sur http://www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html ).

Vous pouvez insérer cette réponse dans votre blog s'il est lu par des utilisateurs Gandi.

English version:

You received a renewal notification from Domain Registry of America: **do not consider this mail**.

We have *NO* link with this company. Your domain cannot be registrered by this company, as it is not an ICANN accredited registrar (official list at
http://www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html ).

You can add this answer in your blog is some Gandi users read it.

Done! :-)

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