Technical illumination

Posted on Fri 27 May 2005
The training session is over. As usual, I saw people having some "technical illumination" during the training. That's very funny to see them suddenly grasping the incredible power of Cocoon and the body language expression of this revelation.

Some open their eyes and mouth wide, other put their hands on their head and look at the ceiling saying "oh my!", and I even saw some kind of "technical orgasm" where people were laughing nervously.

Showing Flowscript samples, a participant said "that's not possible, your are joking, this cannot be that simple". Yes, it is that simple! And I also got some "oooh!" and "aaah!" when showing some cool Cocoon Forms features :-)

And the more people have a webapp development experience, the bigger the illumination for them, as they see all the complexity they had to fight with for such a long time suddenly vanishing...

Giving a training is tiring as you have to make the show all day long, even during hands-on, but seeing people happy because of what you teach them is so rewarding!

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