Posted on Tue 16 August 2005
AnachronismsThis week-end (monday wasn't worked in France), we went to my parent's country house. An old house from the 17th century they bought about 15 years ago and where they're now for their retirement.

A lot of old stuff is stored in this house's attic, and my kid like to see the "things when dad was young". At this includes my good old Apple II, bought back in 1983. We've plugged it in, loaded a diskette (yes, remember the 5 1/4" floppy disks!) and... it just worked! More than 20 years after, my first computer is still alive and kicking, with dozens of games: Lode Runner, Donkey Kong, Karateka, Zaxxon, Wizardry, Ultima, etc, etc!

And this led to this amazing picture: kids from the 21th century playing on a 20 year old computer connected to a brand new 42" plasma screen in a house from the 17th century...

Eclipse Lepido, Tools for Apache Cocoon milestone 1

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