Posted on Wed 16 November 2005

Welcome to this blog's new home,

Three years ago, I installed Movable Type on the company's server in the hope that other people there would like to blog also. That was a time where free blog hosting wasn't widespread.

Now things are different, and the few employees that have a blog host it elsewhere, and have their own place to say whatever they want to say.

That's the same for this blog. There are of course some work-related posts, but also a lot of personal stuff. So I finally took the time to have my own server and move my personal stuff on it. I also find it better to move my public writings away from the company website -- you never know what the future might be.

Why "bluxte"? Well, it's a reference to a french sci-fi comic book. I'll explain that in another post.

The old location now has a permanent redirect and the archives have moved. Please update your bookmarks!

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