Welcome Thibault!

Posted on Mon 21 November 2005

Stimulated by my blog's move, my good old friend Thibault Cantegrel starts blogging!

I first met Thibault in 1995. I was working in the space industry at that time, and he was a student looking for an internship job to finish his MS in computer science. We worked together on a sophisticated code generator written in Prolog, taking HOOD designs as inputs and producing code in Ada or C. HOOD stands for "Hierarchical Object Oriented Design" and is a design method that was (and still is) used in the european space industry, long before UML existed. This code generator provided full roundtripping between code and design models, thus allowing MDA when that acronym wasn't invented!

Thibault and I never stopped working together since that time. He's now the technical manager for all the IS projects in the company of which, just like me, he was a co-founder 5 years ago.

Welcome to the blogging world, my friend!

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