ApacheCon is over

Posted on Thu 15 December 2005 Translations: en

Yep. Already over. 5 intense days with the usual suspects which are always good to meet, and a lot of names that I can finally associate to a face. Among them, the most noticeable for me were Dims, which I was working with on Cocoon in 2000, J Aaron Farr (and wife and daughter), Alex Karasulu and Thomas Dudziak.

We had a lot of discussions about Cocoon and its future (short and long term), and interesting BOF about JavaScript, which is now becoming a cross-cutting technology among many of the ASF projects.

There was also a coding context for Axis2, organized by the fine folks at WSO2, with an iPod Nano as the price. And guess who won it? Moi! I contributed an example allowing to write webservices in JavaScript using Rhino. Still needs to be polished though. Also, I won not because of my brilliant contribution (although it certainly is of course), but because I was the only one that submitted a contribution. Hey guys, a shiny Nano! Wasn't it motivating? Anyway, thanks a lot WSO2. I'm very happy!

I'll be leaving tomorrow morning for the looong trip that will bring me back home. See you next time chaps!

OSGi BoF at ApacheCon

Vector graphics in JavaScript