ApacheCon Dublin

Posted on Mon 26 June 2006

Arrived in Dublin yesterday afternoon for ApacheCon, welcomed in Ireland by a sunny weather. Looks like Dubliners rush out in parks and shopping streets when it's sunny...

You can follow the conference on Flickr's ApacheCon and ApacheCon 2006 tags.

Today is the first of the two hackaton days, where developers flock together for high bandwidth discussions and getting actual work done. The occasion to meet again for real all these nice people that have become friends over the years.

There's a Cocoon table where people try to successfully run the Maven-based build. Cocoon with all its dependencies is probably one of the largest Maven builds, but it's definitely not good that after months of work, being successful at building Cocoon is considered as a major achievement...

On JavaScript libraries

SAnt: Shared Ant