Why do I have green hairs?

Posted on Mon 11 September 2006

Update: looks like the algorithm was changed a bit overnight, as more people have green-ish hair than yesterday (Ard and Arjé), and Maurizio has pigtails!!!

No, I haven't changed the color of my hairs, but just registered for the upcoming Cocoon GetTogether and I am the only one (up to now) to have green hairs on the "conference chairs" picture. Why? What secret algorithm (or mighty hand) decides of the color? Something I'll need to sort out at the conference!

BTW, this idea of updating a picture in real-time with the name (and hair color!) of people that registered is very cool. One of those ideas that show the spirit of the Cocoon community, that cares not only for the code, but also a lot for people.

Long-time friends that I will happily meet again in October, even if my involvement in Cocoon has been very low lately. Register, and see you there!

"Corrupted disk image". Aaaaargh!

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