Posted on Fri 19 January 2007
Yes, today I'm leaving my 30's behind. What does it change to be 40? Feeling old? Not really, even if I sometimes play the old wise man with my younger colleagues. Age is in your mind, the body only knows the continuous flow of time and doesn't care about those mathematical boundaries set by the decimal numbering. Sure, I have more white hair than 20 years ago, but not more than yesterday!

So what changes? Well, just like any other birthday. One more year, and a little gift. Except that this time was the opportunity for  a not-so-little gift! I've been playing pool when I was a student, and my wife is hooked everytime we approach a pool table. Shipping is a bit late though and it should be there next week. Eagerly waiting for my new toy :-)

Bye-bye 30's, welcome 40's!

FUSE on the Mac!

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