My first horse-riding lesson

Posted on Fri 21 September 2007

My wife has been riding horses since she was a child, and has been looking for a while at tours in some countries where horses are part of people's culture and life such as Mongolia, Patagonia and western US. That looks like a very nice way to discover a country in a manner that a road trip in a car can't allow, but of course we can't go there if I don't have minimal horse-riding skills! That how she convinced me to learn :-)

So yesterday evening was my first lesson. I already have seen quite often my wife and kid perparing their horses, so I wasn't completely dumb in front of this big animal. And I generally have a very natural contact with animals, so had no fear. Now sitting on a horse's back is different from standing besides him! But it went quite well, and I'm eagerly waiting for next week's lesson!

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