Anyware Technologies bought by Wavecom

Posted on Fri 01 February 2008
Anyware Technologies, the company I've been co-founding more than 7 years ago was bought by Wavecom today. Wavecom is a manufacturer of embedded wireless communication modules that wants to expand its activity higher in the application stack to provide end-to-end solutions.

Anyware's business, which was initially focused on webapps for the IT domain has been growing organically over the years, expanding to a number of domains as opportunities emerged: web applications, Eclipse plugins for specialized IDEs, CMSes, M2M systems to monitor and control remote devices in the field, and consumer applications such as Joost or Goojet.

Although it was sometimes hard to explain customers what Anyware is doing, this is precisely this diverse set of skills and activities that interested Wavecom, because it brings answers to most areas of the full application stack that Wavecom wants to build.

Anyware stays an independent entity wholly owned by Wavecom, continuing the work with its current customers, but will also become the R&D center for Wavecom's end to end solutions.

It is interesting to see hardware players moving higher in the application layers. This is allowed by the increased connectivity and processing power of these devices, and is just the beginning of the world to come where all your devices will have a virtual presence on the internet, allowing them to interact and also allowing you to manage and control them from wherever you are in the world.

Happy New Year!

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