Goojet is now public!

Posted on Fri 06 June 2008

Yes, we are live! Goojet has been in private beta for a couple of months, and we are now open to everybody. This is still a beta, so some things are still rough on the edges, and we still have a lot to do (and lots of ideas).

So what is Goojet? It's a way to make the mobile web usable and enjoyable. It is the combination of a social network with small applications embedded in "goojets" (analogous to widgets or gadgets). These applications are either existing (mobile) websites or specifically developped for the platform.

On the mobile side, you have to install a Java application which has been tested on a couple of hundred phones. iPhone users, don't be frustrated, we're currently working on a specific version for you :-)

On the web side, you have a desktop where you can use all your goojets with the convenience of a large screen, keyboard and mouse. Goojet makes the mobile web ubiquitous.

Check it out, and enjoy!

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