Lorem ipsum

Posted on Fri 22 August 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I got a fidelity card from our local movie theater. They asked for an email address, and started to send a weekly newsletter spam. Not only did I tried unsucessfully to unscribe from this newsletter, but this week's edition is quite funny: it contains "lorem ipsum" text filler and misses a lot of images.

I guess someone probably hit "send" too fast or without checking, and must now be hiding somewhere after realizing this has been sent to thousands of people...

Note the lorem ipsum also: it's not the classical one, but the explanation of what it is copied from a lorem ipsum generator website! And even funnier, it's an english text that's been sent to french-speaking people! It's never too late to learn english and typography :-D

(Click here for the full-size image)

Open Terminal Here, Leopard version

Don't forget to set java.net.URL default timeouts!