Obama's inauguration (live on Joost)

Posted on Tue 20 January 2009

I've been watching Barack Obama's inauguration live on Joost and the video has played flawlessly with a pretty good quality during the whole ceremony. Kudos to my ex-colleagues at Joost, you did a great job!

I was in New-Orleans on November 4th when Obama was elected, and today's ceremony did not carry the same emotion as his talk on his election day. We saw today a man with a strong determination to restore his country's health and pride, basically saying "wake up people, we're the same despite the crisis, and our future belongs to us". I liked when he said "we'll be judged on what we've built, not what we've destroyed". Heard that, Bush?

As usual with this kind of ceremony, seeing priests being part of it and religion being mentioned in the talk makes me uneasy, being an atheist living in a secular country. But I noticed Obama said "people from every religion, christians, muslims, jews, hindu, and non believers". Mentioning hindu and non believers is also a change.

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