Websites that I find useful

Posted on Fri 13 November 2009

So I've been tagged by Stéphane. Like him, I think limiting the list to 5 sites like Ludo originally asked for will lead to everybody giving more or less the same answers: Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc. So let's try to make a list of useful but less widely known websites. Note also that "usefulness" varies over time and activities.

Here's what came out of my head when writing this post:

  • (french): when you're looking for cooking inspiration.
  • Google Code Search: yes it's Google, but so useful when looking for sample code.
  • DP Review: for in depth and trustable camera reviews.
  • The Pirate Bay: you know what it's useful for!
  • Sound On Sound: an awesome resource for music synthesis geeks.
  • Site du Zéro (french): a great collection of community-written tutorials on lots of computer-related subjects. It's my second kid's Firefox home page.
  • BD-theque (french): comprehensive resource for a comic book and graphic novel addict like me.
  • OpenSoundControl: a network protocol to supersede the aging MIDI for synthetizer control. The most interesting part are the crazy things people have built with it.
  • Planet Apache: to keep in touch with my geek community and get some interesting tech news.
  • and the 10th position is the entire web and all the poeple who nurture it. I spend a lot of time reading web pages and following links (and opening more and more tabs in my browser and adding more feeds to my aggregator). The web would not be useful without the collective dedication of all the individuals who contribute to the web, whatever the reason that urges them to do so.

Let's see what useful web sites Bertrand, Cédric, Jeremy, Danbri and Johann will recommend us. They're all creative people who certainly know some hidden gems.

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