10 years ago, my first mail to Apache...

Posted on Thu 07 October 2010

Damn, I missed the date! A bit more than 10 years ago, on September 4, 2000 I sent my very first mail to an Apache mailing-list, cocoon-users. The day after I sent my first mail to cocoon-dev. And again, and again, and again... More than 4700 mails sent to the Cocoon lists over 10 years!

As you can see from the graph, the mails/month rate has been growing steadily until the beginning of 2006, when Joost absorbed all my time and energy on quite tricky but nevertheless fun stuff!

I'm no more involved in Cocoon, as are many of the old-timers I worked with at that time, but it has been incredibly rewarding, both personally for all the friends I made and professionally for all the things I learned and the changes in my career path.

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