New year, new job

Posted on Mon 10 January 2011

It's been 2 months since I left my previous job. I used this time to get some rest, think about what I wanted to do next, meet people and have lots of discussions. I've also been questioning myself if it was time to join a larger company and leave behind the crazy but exciting jobs of startups. Leaving the startup world felt to me like abandoning an environment where creation and ideas are king for something more structured, more "quiet" I would say, but also with larger projects.

I finally decided I still had a lot to do in startups, after meeting a guy who's been passionate about 3D virtual worlds for years and sharing intense excitement with him when talking about WebGL that will soon bring native 3D to modern browsers. So we decided to explore this route and setup a project that hopefully will lead to a new startup.

In the meantime, I've established myself as a freelance consultant, to keep bringing home the bacon and because my experience seems to be of interest! I've already started working part time architecting the backend systems of a former colleague's new startup. This fills my schedule for now, but I'm always open to interesting proposals.

So check out my resume and let's get in touch if you think I could help you in your projects.

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