Sylvain Wallez

19 chemin Jaqui
31320 Pechabou


MS in Computer Science, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), France, 1989. Special mention in Artificial Intelligence.





OVH, since may 2015

Key technologies:  Go, HBase, Kafka, Mesos, Docker, Spark, Java, Scala, AngularJS

Freelance architect and developer, november 2010 - april 2015

Freelance architect, technical expert and developer:

Goojet, now, april 2008 - october 2010

Goojet was a mobile social media, allowing users to discover and share news and content on their phone in a rich social environment. The company pivoted to in 2010.
Key technologies: JEE, Spring, Velocity, HTML & CSS, MySQL replication, Lucene, Apache, Ubuntu, Android, iPhone, J2ME

Joost, march 2006 - march 2008

Joost was the IP-TV company created by the founders of Skype.
Key technologies: RDF, Spring, Hadoop, Lucene, REST, MySQL, Wicket, Apache, Ubuntu

Anyware Technologies, 2000 - 2008

Co-founded of the company in 2000, growing it up to 80 employees until it was sold in 2008 for 12 M€ to Wavecom (now Sierra Wireless).

We started as a Java/web/XML technology company for IS projects, and quickly found out it could be the basis of a new kind of products in the industrial automation and machine-to-machine domains.

Key technologies: JEE, Apache Cocoon, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, J2ME

The Apache Software Foundation, since 2001

As part of my work at Anyware Technologies and because of personal interest, got heavily involved in this well-known open source software community.

Alcatel Space Industries (now Thales), 1990 - 2000

Key technologies: Java, UML, C++, Ada, TCP/IP, Python, Prolog, X11/Motif

Selected Publications and Presentations