Virtuality as strong as reality

Posted on Fri 16 May 2003
In these Matrix days, Carsten relates his feelings after JAX 2003 : virtual communities are actually very real.

This is something we (Cocooners) all experience each time we meet physically : good old friends chatting of everyday life, just as we met a few days before.This is because we actually met a few days before : the Cocoon community is a group of people working together on a daily basis, and this for several years (soon 3 for me). So we really are good old friends.

Carsten also mentions his brand new 17" PowerBook. Wow, I would love to have such a beast (I left the Macintosh world 3 years ago after 16 years of fidelity to Apple). I'm currently working on a Sony Vaio with a 16" inch screen and it's quite big. I wonder is Carsten will be able to easily find a case for his jewel !

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