French translation of Cluetrain and other evangalisation material

Posted on Thu 05 June 2003
I've been for a long time deploring the lack of a french translation of Cluetrain (BTW, what's the meaning of this word?). Not the manifesto, which is translated, but the whole book. Why so ? Because I want people in my company to be aware of all the good things that are in this book. Since they aren't already convinced as I am and have little time for reading, asking them to read the whole thing in english would be doomed to failure.

And finally, while googling on french pages mentioning Cluetrain, I discovered that a french translation is available since 2001! It's title is "Liberté pour le Net" (Freedom for the Internet), which explains why searching for "Cluetrain" wasn't successful... I'll buy it and make my boss read it, and also other people in my company that need to be convinced.

I also found that some of the articles available on are available in french. This includes the famous " Law of leaky abstractions", and the very interesting " Stragegy letter V".

My internal evangelism about opensource-related business models is starting to be fruitful, and I see minds slowly changing. Cool, but this work is not yet finished !

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