Cocoon webapp itches

Posted on Fri 11 July 2003
Building webapps with Cocoon is the big itch that the community is scratching lately, and one the most visible changes in the upcoming 2.1 release. We have the JavaScript-with-continuations implementation of page flow that is solidifying, and although it is amazingly powerful, it doesn't fulfill every need in this area.

Why so ? Mainly two reasons :
  • the world is full of existing solutions to manage page flow, and we can't trash them all and say "Cocoon's flow is better". Cocoon must integrate them, in the same way that it was able to integrate almost every Java library that read/writes XML.
  • people having a strong Java background don't like using a script language like JavaScript. They want either plain Java, or some declarative approach in an XML file.

After Marc and I proposing to generalize page flow last week, Carsten also starts to have itches in this area with his Dywel project.

Hey Carsten, why start your own thing alone ? Want to scratch with other people ? C'mon, you're welcome !

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