Posted on Sat 12 July 2003 Translations: en
I'm gone for a 2 weeks vacation in the Alps, in the usual family location near Grenoble. Last year, we only had 5 days without rain in 3 weeks. This year, we have some of the hottest temperatures I've ever seen here. Crazy weather...

Anyway, be it cold or hot, vacations are good to cut down the pressure of work days. And often the occasion for me to have more in-depth thoughts. Yeah, I know, some of you will wonder why I don't make a full break and stop thinking about Cocoon. Well, the answer is simple : I can't ;-)

This year, these thoughts will be about Cocoon's flow and form handling. My proposal about the flow was strongly rejected by Stefano (I just downloaded my mail over a slow modem and need to digest this), but I hope my form-related thoughts will be more welcomed, because I want to unify the good things in XMLForm and Woody towards a single form handling package, which Stefano outlines as an important goal in the same post.

Other community-related news : I'll visit Bertrand next tuesday, and Marcus will visit us in Toulouse in August. Virtual communities in the real world...

Cocoon webapp itches

Dinner at Bertrand's