Back home, back to work

Posted on Sun 27 July 2003
After two weeks in the Alps, I'm back home. Two weeks is too short to make a real break, but my wife's new job did not allow more this year. We'll have one more vacation week at the end of august and will go to the mediterranean see.

Here's a panorama of a nice mountain lake (yes, again, but this time in the Alps !). This a high altitude valley with seven lakes called " les 7 laux", and a tradition in my family is for children aged 7 to walk up this valley and visit the seven lakes. Five years ago, this was Corentin (right on the picture), and this year this was Théophile's turn (left).

my children at 'les 7 laux'

About a week ago, I started a thread about Woody and XMLForm. I hadn't the necessary time to follow up on this (hey, vacations are for family!) but digested a lot of things in Woody and had deep thoughts about it. I definitely think it will be the form package in Cocoon, after some usability enhancements defined through community discussions. I'll post on this very soon, after having sorted out all the things that have been waiting for me at my office...

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