Cocoon documentation: wild thinking

Posted on Mon 06 October 2003
It started by a discussion about Cocoon's documentation: how can we build something that combines the ease of use of a Wiki and yet provide the required structure to build the Cocoon documentation?

Then Stefano explained us about his current thoughts about e-learning: documents (or, as he says, "learning objects") should not be organized in a single restrictive hierarchy, but be linked through trails so that a reader can reach a document through several paths.

This comes for the "cognitive dissonance" that says that something is written in your long-term memory once you reach it through different paths. I guess that's because the brains works by associating ideas. So the more associations you have on a particular topic, the more easy it is to go back to this information.

And then we came to the semantic web, RDF, and even tracking scrolling gestures to know which parts of a page were difficult to understand.

As Stefano says: "e-learning" done well. Wow, will we have this soon in Cocoon?

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