Morning presentations

Posted on Tue 07 October 2003

Morning presentations are over. Read the full report written concurrently by many hands on the Cocoon wiki.

It started by a really visual presentation by Stefano. No text on the slides: only diagrams and pictures. Stefano digged into his picture gallery and found images that perfectly illustrated the concepts he wanted to explain. Hopefully the slides will be donwloadable somewhere and you'll be able to enjoy it.

Next came Christian Haul that explained all the various ways in Cocoon you can use to connect to a database. I wasn't really listening because I was reviewing my presentation.

Then came my turn. I skipped the flowscript part of my presentation to concentrate only on Woody. Seems like the talk was appreciated, considering the number of people that came to me later during the lunch, asking questions and proposing enhancements. I have the feeling Woody will be one of the focus points in the coming weeks.

And the morning ended with David Casal showing the similarities between Cocoon pipelines and Bach fugues! Yes, there are some! Amazing presentation, with XML documents, musical scores and live piano playing. It ended by a standing ovation, even if many people certainly did not understood the whole thing (just like me): this was a so enjoyable and uncommon presentation!

Then quick lunch, because of the many people interested in Woody. Even hadn't the time for a coffee. Yawn... I shoud go and get some...

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