Macintosh: 20 years already

Posted on Sun 25 January 2004
Mac 128

Yesterday was Macintosh's 20th birthday.

I remember when I it was announced. This is one of the very few events in the computer history that are engraved into my memory. I was in high school at that time, and had bought my Apple //e a few weeks before, for Christmas.

I discovered the amazing Mac with the well-known "hello" screen in the front page of a computer magazine named "hebdogiciel" (literally "weekly-ware"), full of program listings for computers and programmable calculators that existed at that time (yes you had to spend hours typing them by hand).

I bought that magazine just before going to school, and read it feverishly with geek friends at the back of the classroom, hidden under the table. That was an english lesson, but don't ask me what it was about ;-)

Now, 20 years later, look at what I'm eagerly waiting for...

15 inches PowerBook

Switch... back!

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