Orkut: friendship isn't a boolean thing

Posted on Sun 25 January 2004
Like many others, I was intived (by Ovidiu) to join the new social networking service mentioned everywhere in the blogosphere, Orkut.

I registered, started linking to close friends I found there, added myself to some groups, etc. Ah, when registering, I carefully omitted to answer some very personal questions this site gently invites you to answer to, wheareas its terms of service state it can " disclose your personal information and the contents of your account if required to do so by law". Which law? US law? Naah, I don't want them to know my sexual orientation, religion or political opinion, even if there's nothing special to be found there.

And then, crawling the friend-of-friends network, I found people I would like to link to, because I had the occasion to discuss with them, or because they're well-known in my little corner of the internet, but who I do not consider as "friends". Orkut doesn't allow me to weakly link to them.

Sorry, Orkut folks, but friendship isn't a one-click boolean thing. Have a look at Stefano's Agora to understand the importance of link weight.

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