New spam stragegy

Posted on Sat 26 March 2005
Here's the kind of spam I'm receiving lately. I kept only the first line, there are 3 more. I'm sure you can easily guess what they are :-)

Clever hack to fool spam filters, but seriously how's going to buy something to people sending this?

Please copy and paste the following link into your browser to learn more.

pb ea mwy qg ftl etnaayt
owp kmv ptl txgiqqae pygncli aesdhyraj
es eps ryn wp hsi qoa lyd hl
sbx gr iht rysjw eemu sb qr rlv dhmsi mp oq v up csklosx
qst qkm tqs amf gar vwqh cbbq rxu lkt ryk aheo nf aaibrcned
pyt hkn mbs wrw jl el yo dll bjsph xfum jd
ccf koj dlj sobaclbya wv hi mk lacutsoey rr jmb pts ye
ku ed qsf rvp td av tl wv eoq ii wo dr mb fkw sxv qw
snlyh ghd vk qyy fjec lyi vj hp xic evc hl hyy pfw bfimii lw vlrbmnoti
vas nsk tusqhp lu sesr do as nvlmmr prd akraasj aafcdqplfts bpy nhphm
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yykp cslx

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