Announcing Eclipse Lepido, an opensource IDE for Apache Cocoon

Posted on Tue 05 April 2005
I'm very pleased to announce the creation of the Eclipse Lepido project, which aims at building an opensource tooling for Apache Cocoon based on the Eclipse platform.

The purpose of Lepido is both to help newcomers to more easily get started, and to bring a number of tools to be more productive in writing applications. Wizards, editors, debugger, etc.

The project is hosted at Eclipse, and starts in the proposal phase. In the Eclipse process, this is a period of about one month where people can discuss the opportunity, goals and wishes regarding this project. Once this period successfully terminates, the real work can start.

A newsgroup should be created shortly for these discussions, which your are warmly invited to join ( registration required).

The project will be bootstrapped by the donation of Anyware Technologies' Eclipse plugins for Cocoon. These plugins include form-driven graphical editors for the sitemap and form definition files.

As you can read at the end of the proposal, a number of Cocoon oldtimers have offered to join and participate to this new great adventure. It is important that Lepido really becomes a community-owned tool just like Cocoon is a community-owned framework.

So if you have both a good Cocoon knowledge and some Eclipse plugin development skills, don't hesitate to join too! Now you know why I made this poll :-)

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