The real reason why Apple switches to Intel :-)

Posted on Wed 22 June 2005
I found the answer on François Cointe's blog, who publishes weekly comic strips in a major french IT magazine. Here's the translation...

Update: François has posted an english version using my translation. That's definitely more convenient to read. Thanks François!

Top strip:
  • Putting Intel chips in Mac laptops because PowerPC chips are too hot, that's stupid!
  • Hot Macs, that is great!
Bottom strip:
  • If this can make sterile all those that buy Macs to show-off by burning their balls, then that's perfect!
  • Shut up! Macs, they are beautiful.
  • When you'll be as beautiful as they are, I'll buy you an iPod...

So that's the real reason behind the switch to Intel processors: ensuring Powerbook buyers will be able to have children... who will also buy Macs. A long-term business plan :-)

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