ApacheCon 2005

Posted on Wed 20 July 2005
ApacheCon is starting this morning.

I've been in Stuttgart since sunday evening, for the hackathon on monday and tuesday. This my first ApacheCon, and thus is the occasion to finally put a face on many (famous) names.

There's a fair amount of Cocooners here, and during the hackathon we've been working hard on using OSGi as the container for Cocoon's real blocks. So far it looks very promising, allowing to finally achieve this goal we've been talking about for years.

Don't have much time for blogging as there are a lot of interesting things to do here. Unlike Bertrand that does a lot of reporting.

So, being a lazy butt, I invite you to read his blog, and of course the ApacheCon group blog :-)

Farewell to Hercule

OSGi BoF at ApacheCon