Cocoon Get Together, Episode IV

Posted on Thu 06 October 2005
Yesterday, the fourth Cocoon Get Together started in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It's a really great pleasure to meet again cocooners from around the world.

Lots of discussions, lots of random thoughts, and some actual work being done. Daniel and Reinhard leading the real block activity, Helma (aka "hepabolu") doing some great work on documentation, and many people chasing bugs.

As usual, I have hard times concentrating on some actual work, as every five minutes someone comes with a question, some ideas or wants to show me something. I'm feeling like a hub :-)

One of the hot subjects is unsurprisingly Ajax. We had some wild discussions on this with Upayavira and Jeremy and they are currently implementing very interesting features that should make writing a Cocoon-based Google IG a very simple thing. Stay tuned :-)

And don't forget to checkout the photos on Flickr!

Electric shock in Cocoon land

Cocoon GetTogether 2005 is over